Artist statement

Born, October 3rd 1977 in a countryside south of Poland. The time of dull colours of communism. In my early years, the shade of grey was very familiar.

School and uni years – that was the time, when the world started showing me a wider rage of colours. Products in stores lost their depressing shades. Girls on the streets dressed in colourful dresses. Peoples eyes started showing light, a light of hope and freedom.

Following the completion of my Social Education Master Degree, Ive explored knowledge in human emotion and human beings. This happened at the University of Gestalt in Cracow. Using art in psychotherapy – that was my dream.

However, the time we lived in was still a battle. Day to day life was hard enough, let alone trying to follow dreams and ambitions. I finished the Master degree in Human Resources at Warsaw School of Economics and continued work in head hunting companies in Warsaw.  

The monotony of sedentary lifestyle pushed me enough to change my life.

From then, I moved and started working in United Kingdom. Ive build the foundation of reality and financial security with my partner with our own hands. Eventually secure, surrounded by friendly people, with loved ones by my side Ive decided to pursue my true calling; to share this part of my soul with anyone interested.

Different mediums such as acrylic paints, paste and many mixed media allow me to express myself thoroughly on canvas an boards. Im open to new ways of creations, which not only delight the eye, but could be complementing the interior of my clients homes.

From early years, I felt that my soul is connected with something bigger, brighter and more important than myself or reality around me.
Began first pictures with crayons, with watercolour and oil paints in teenage years, and worked with timber during university. Something always seduced me to explore the incredible world of unknown – paintings or sculptures which haven’t been created yet.

In my creations of abstract you will feel darkness of early years when my childhood was shaped, you’ll find a bright light of hope and freedom felt by teenage boy. But you will see full palette of colours, which represent the evolution of an adult, responsible partner and father.

Reality of hard life events postponed my dreams for few years, however as we know we cannot escape from what is written for us higher up. That’s a possible reason why you’re reading this. And why I decided share my soul and heart with you.